Is Pinsa?

In the days of Ancient Rome, there originated a recipe so divine, it still graces dinner tables today. It was called pinsa, and it was revered for its incredible flavor, mesmerizing fragrance, and crisp texture. But what is pinsa? Simply put, it’s like pizza… but better.


No animals were harmed in the making of this pinsa.

no added sugars

Simple ingredients are simply better.

Less gluten

Less carbs, more protein.

100% less cholesterol

A healthy heart is a happy heart.

no saturated fats

Health-conscious foodies rejoice!

easily digestible

Long cold fermentation + infused with hydration = a happy stomach.


Our flour blend is as natural as it is revolutionary.

The Legend Lives On

Since the Roman Empire, pinsa has stood the test of time. A crust that’s healthy, versatile, and delicious delivers on so much more than just flavor. When it’s made with passion, you can taste—and feel—the difference!
The Crusts

A Revolutionary Recipe

Pinsa honors its ancient roots by sticking to a simple list of ingredients: our specialty blend of Italian imported flours, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast. Undergoing a long cold fermentation process allows the dough to achieve the perfect maturation, breaking down starches and creating aroma molecules. Our meticulous hand-pressing process preserves these air pockets, resulting in a bubbly, delicate structure.
About Pedone Pinsa

Love at First Bite

Combining ancient Italian wisdom with modern flare, pinsa proves that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor when eating a healthier dish. Its enchanting flavor profile compliments any and all garnishes—not overpowering, but exquisitely simple. Destined to please every palate, pinsa’s top-abilities are truly endless.
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