Health Benefits of Pinsa vs. Other Crusts

Everybody loves pizza. Unfortunately, it isn’t known for being the most nutritious meal. That’s why health-conscious foodies are swooning over pinsa: the Roman-style pizza crust that’s healthier, tastier, and simply better than traditional pizza.

Pinsa’s unique blend of non-GMO flours creates a vegan, gluten-friendly crust—allowing for a light, airy base for all the toppings your heart desires. Aside from its cloud-like crispiness and dynamic flavor, pinsa is an upgrade for more than just your taste buds. 

It’s All About the Flour

A typical pizza crust recipe calls for the use of all-purpose flour.Aside from being made with bleached wheat and added vitamins, all-purpose flour is also made with refined grains—meaning the fiber and nutrients are removed. Pinsa Romana’s flour recipe of soy, rice, sourdough, and zero wheat flours create a non-GMO blend. Unlike traditional pizza crust, this dough recipe ferments for 48-72 hours to make it not only delicious, but easily digestible. 

Vegan and Gluten-Friendly

Pinsa Romana is proud to serve authentic, Italian  cuisine with every bite of our vegan, gluten-friendly crust! Pinsa is naturally free of any foods derived from animals. When paired with your favorite plant-based toppings, pinsa is the perfect base for a delicious vegan meal. 

While most pizza crusts are gluten-heavy, the sheer variety of flours in pinsa’s recipe calls for a low level of gluten to begin with. Additionally, pinsa’s meticulous fermentation process breaks down the starches and glutens, creating a crust that’s delightfully healthy and gluten-friendly! 

Digestible and Delizioso

Pizza has a habit of leaving a heavy feeling in your stomach. That’s why pinsa is engineered for easy digestibility—to leave you feeling satisfied, not bloated and uncomfortable. 

With a combination of our non-GMO flour blend, cold fermentation, hand-pressing process, and infusion of up to 80% hydration, pinsa dough is designed to be light and airy. Pinsa proves that a healthy crust doesn’t have to compromise its dynamic flavor. A gluten-friendly, guilt-free crust that still tastes divine? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Make the Swap

Chefs and restaurants come together to enhance their menu with an authentic, Roman delicacy! Pinsa Romana’s par-baked crusts are the ultimate upgrade for your flatbreads, pizzas, appetizers, and more. Healthier, faster, and tastier—let pinsa transform your taste buds.

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