Carlo Pedone: The Chef Behind Pinsa Romana America

Pinsa is our love language. Carlo Pedone, founder of Pinsa Romana America, devotes his life to bringing people together through good food. It fills his heart to know that foodies across the nation are able to share the wonders of pinsa with the people they love. 

Carlo’s Story

While growing up in his parents’ restaurant, Carlo discovered his passion for gracing dinner tables with authentic Italian food. He went on to own and operate his own Italian restaurant for more than thirty years—ever-inspired by the love that radiates from sharing meals with one another.

In the days of ancient Rome, there originated a recipe so divine, even the gods craved the light, airy crust. They called it pinsa, and it was revered for its dynamic flavor profile, heavenly aroma, and crisp texture. When Carlo tasted pinsa for the first time, he was mesmerized by the crust that, while practically weightless, was packed with flavor. 

“It’s not pizza,” he said. “It’s better.” 

Knowing the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, Carlo was sure that bringing pinsa to the U.S. would be revolutionary. Combining his background knowledge with his newfound love for pinsa, he created Pinsa Romana America—proudly offering par-baked pinsa crusts that have been refined and perfected to captivate modern palates.

Pinsa Romana America Par-Baked Crusts

Rich in history, flavor, and endless top-abilities, pinsa crust simply elevates Italian dining experiences in the U.S. One of the best parts about pinsa is that it can be indulged without regret. Its simple recipe consists of a non-GMO blend of flours (wheat, rice, soy, and sourdough), 100% vegan ingredients, and up to 80% hydration for easy digestibility. Pinsa proves that you can eat a clean meal without sacrificing flavor. 

Each and every crust at Pinsa Romana America’s SQF-certified facility is fermented for 48-72 hours before getting hand-pressed to perfection and partially baked. This way, the crusts arrive at your kitchen ready to be garnished with fresh ingredients and popped in the oven for just a few minutes!

Carlo is proud to provide retailers, distributors, and fellow chefs with a crust that’s healthier, tastier, and simply better than traditional pizza. Industry partners of all kinds praise our par-baked crusts for their cost-effective convenience and revolutionary flavor profile. 

Ready to join the Pinsa family? Visit our website to learn more.

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